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  - Strategic Micro Quantum TechNovations

We love green high technology. Let's build a smarter planet with our trusted Cloud Computing. The  excellence,  innovation, integrity  and  creativity are our  main vision and objectives. We provide a holistic Web agency services, your success is our success


 -  Web Design and Internet Security
We at PS&A are committed to give your small business, nonprofit corporation or health care practice, the high-quality Web Agency Services at affordable cost for your success in this information age.


 -  Macro Quantum Health Care Consulting

Our services give you the "Digital Nervous System"  for to permit the information flow  successfully  into  your small business and or  health care practice.


 - Global IT Consulting Services

We provide  high quality consultancy services for to build and develop virtual infrastructure  and CRM for the health care industry and other sectors.

 - Our Global Expertise..Click here to Learn More  




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IBM Cloud Showcase






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Why Choose PS&A's Consultants ?          
 There are five major reasons:
  • achieve the objectives of the organization;
  • solve problems of management;
  • identify and  exploit new possibilities;
  • help the organization to learn;
  • to implement changes.
 Do You Like to Become a Winner?

If yes, please explore this PS&A's Website. We bring to your company  the experience  and partnership the world leaders in cloud computing like Microsoft Office 365, IBM, Salesforce, VMware, Symantec and Cisco  for  the  full success  of  your   small business in the today world market competition. You can be small business, but we can help you become global business with our high-quality IT and truth cloud computing services.

 Your Online Success Is Our Committement
With thirty-five  years experience in various  projects management and leadership, and  twenty five   in information technology. Plus the great quality of the Microsoft Office 365, and  our  full commitment to give you the best  and    excellent services,  this PS&A's Website  will  be   an important  resources and the partner  for your   company or organization.  Look forward to your next visitThanks!   


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"Life Is Valuable --Protect It"


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